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South City Physical Therapy officially began on April 1,2014. We took over the practice of Coastside Physical Therapy due to the unfortunate demise of our friend and colleague, Richard Johns.

Here at South City Physical Therapy we put the patient first. All treatment is dedicated to help patients reach their goals, whether its to climb a flight of stairs, walk 3 blocks or run a marathon. We provide up to date treatment using manual therapy techniques in conjunction with exercise. Modalities are used sparingly and when appropriate. One modality that is used frequently is kineseotape. Both therapists are experts in taping, Larry has over 7 years experience with the technique and is a “Rock Doc” certified by the Rock tape company.

Each patient is individually evaluated: A history is taken, the affected joints are examined. This usually includes measures of range of motion and strength and other test which may include checking the integrity of your ligaments, tests that are specific to the spine and tests for the integrity of the nerves. From these findings, we develop a program to help patients attain their goals.

We have treated patients as young as 8 yrs old and as old as 99! As far as the senior population is concerned, we feel anything that pertain to mobility should be addressed. Since it starts a downward spiral leading to less endurance, weight gain, loss of stability and balance, and statistically more illness in general.

We encourage and strive to have every patient take an active roll in their rehab, each patient is given a home program tailored to their needs and abilities.

You will not find another PT practice that is as accomplished, accommodating, and delivers the highest standard of care than South City Physical Therapy.

Larry Smyle and his service dog, Lulu